Sunday, August 15, 2004

A little pic Im posting for (Daddy) To show him what a good girl I am
Hopefully tuesday we will get to play.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Okay, I'm in the bed waiting for him when he comes home, horney as hell, no kids in the house and what does he do, goes outside to read the paper, I wait forever and he is still out there, Okay So i go and say if your going to sit out here all day, I guess Ill get on my computer, he just keeps sitting there, I hate him.

One of the best spanking movie scenes there ever was...John Wayne and Mareen O'Hare...Great scene..He also dod a good spanking scene in True Grit

Found these animations while surfing...I find these sexy as hell shows how my mind works LOL.

Little Angel as always!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Hers another of my favorite stories i wrote..those that cnat get spanked write about it,lol

"Want to play a game?" Kevin asked.
Jen giggled it was Saturday night, their night. Kevin worked third shift and she worked first.
Saturday night was the only night of the week they got to spend together.
Saturday night they would send the kids off to an over night trip with there friends or to their oldest daughters house.
This was their night to be silly, make love, and of course for Jen to get the spankings she needed and wanted so much.
Very rarely was Saturday night reserved for discipline, but on the rare occasion if she had royally screwed up, Kevin would let her know ahead of time, she was in a for a long hard spanking.
Jen looked up in her husband's deep green eyes and laughed.
"What kind of game?" She asked.
"Well You climb over my lap, with that cute ass of yours right here where I can get to it." He said grinning.
"Uhh huh." She said her interest perking up.
"I ask you a question, if you get it right, I give you a nice feel good spank with my hand with lots of rubbing." He said smiling now.
"Hmm, the kind that makes me all tingly?" She said rolling over to lay beside him.
"Yep, that's the kind." He said taking his finger and starting to stroke her upper thigh.
"Mmmmmmmm." Jen said as he stroked her leg slowly.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked up at him.
"Wait what if I get the question wrong?" She asked.
"Well then, little girl, you get a real hard spank with a implement. I'm going to let you pick out three and lay them on the bed, I pick which one to use for each wrong answer, of course." He said still smiling.
Jen looked at him a long minute, did he even have to ask, of course she wanted to play.
"I'm game." She said.
"Alrighty girl, you go to the toy box and pick out three implements." He said and sat back against the headboard.
Jen climbed off the bed and walked over to their toy box swaying her hips. She slowly bent and grinned at show she was giving him.
She had on a short white nighty and white lacy short style panties, that pretty much left her cheeks exposed to his gaze.
Jen bent further down knowing that the gown had rode up to fully reveal her bottom to him. She wiggled for a moment to give him a show and was rewarded when she heard him take in a deep breath.
"Have mercy." He mumbled to himself.
Jen grinned and then got to the task at hand, picking out several implements
She grabbed the wooden paddle and the leather slapper. She looked in the box trying to decide on number three.
"That's enough, I already have the third." He said.
She turned and saw what he had in his hand and froze.
It was freshly cut switch.
"When did you get that?" She asked.
"While you was in the shower." He said.
Jen walked to the bed and sat down and took the switch from his hand, it was thin and whippy but short enough he could use it over the knee.
Jne laid it down along beside the other implements.
"Little girl ,all that twitching of your cute ass over there, look what you done to me." He said.
Jen glanced down at the front of his now tented boxers and tried not to laugh.
"I'm sorry Kev." She said trying to sound sincere.
"You'll be taking care of that in a while, don't you worry." He said grinning.
Jen smiled at him and he took her hand and drew her over his lap. He adjusted her till her bottom was just where he wanted it.
He pulled the short little night up and Jen caught her breath, she was already so turned on.
Kevin rubbed her bottom slowly stroking up and down and Jen just melted into a puddle. He pulled the lacy little panties up in her crack making her squeak.
"I just love these sexy little lacy things you wear." He said in a husky voice.
Jen just purred at the sensations he was sending through her bottom half up to her brain.
"Let's pull these off." he said sliding the panties down over her plump spankable cheeks and pulling them completely off.
"Okay, lets start." he said giving her a light smack to her cheeks, smiling as they jiggled under the little spank.
"Who was the 15th president of the United States?" He asked.
"Umm lets see." She said grinning to her self.
"No longer than one minute to answer." Kevin said rubbing her bottom lightly.
"James Buchanan." Jen said laughing.
"Very good." Kevin said giving her a nice firm spank on her left cheek.
It felt wonderful and Jen moaned as he started rubbing her bottom.
"Okay question two. Who invented marshmallows?" Kevin asked.
"You got to be kidding me...who knows that?" Jen asked.
"Obviously you don't." Kevin said and picked up the wood paddle.
"Ouuuuch." Jen yelped at the sudden bite of the paddle.
But she quieted down as Kevin took up rubbing the sore spot on her right cheek.
"By the way Egyptians invented the first marshmallow candy." Kevin said laughing.
"Only you would know that." Jen said relaxing under his roaming hands again.
Okay, here's a easy one for you. What was the Undertaker's nickname back when he was old school?" Kevin asked.
"Easy, Lord Of Darkness." Jen said enjoying the game.

Kevin grinned as she squirmed with pleasure.
"MMMMMMMMMM." Jen murmured as he rubbed her bottom and slid a finger down to tease her wetness.
"Oooo Kevvvv." She moaned as he teased her unmercifully.
"Mmm some naughty little girl is sooo hot." Kevin teased now excited himself.
Okay baby, what is the longest running tv show?" He asked.
"Ummm, I think it's Mash." She said unsure of her answer.
Kevin picked up the slapper.
"Yeouuuch." Jen yelled at the sharp bite of leather.
Kevin rubbed her now pink and glowing cheeks.
"The Simpsons Baby." he said.
"Oh darn it, I should have known that one." She said as he soothed her pink globes.
"Okay, what is the rarest care bear?" Kevin asked as he rubbed.
"That's easy, Noble heart horse." She said laughing.
"Very good girl." He said as he laid another firm smack on her left cheek and then started rubbing again.
Jen was getting very distracted by the rubbing and was ready to end the game and move on to the main event.
"Kev.....I'm ready to quit playing." She gasped as one of his large fingers entered her wetness.
"You are huh, well not just yet." He said and continued to tease her wet folds.
"Please Kevvvv." She moaned.
"Alright here we go, what is the set bedtime for a ceratin young lady when she has to work the next day?" He asked.
Jen for the first time sensed trouble, there was no way he could know what time she went to bed three nights this week, he worked third shift.
"Umm eleven." She said
"Right again." He said
He watched her butt turning the prettiest shade of red.
Kevin started rubbing again.
"Did you go to bed on time every night this week?" Kevin asked.
Jen knew she was caught.
"No." She said.
"Right again." Kevin said.
He again started rubbing her red bottom.
Jen couldn't help her self she moaned under his touch.
"What happens to little girls that stay up past their bedtime and then try to hide that fact?"Kevin asked.
Oh gosh no not this Jen thought.
"They get spanked." Jen said quietly aware that she was in deep doodoo.
"You're very good at this game baby." Kevin said rubbing at her stinging globes.
"How are they spanked Jen?" He asked.
"Ummm On their bare bottom." Jen said blushing ,it always embarrassed her having to say this.
This time the spank really stung and Jen yelped a little.
"Well I would say you won this little game Jen, you got almost all the questions right." Kevin said.
Jen lay still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
"Now lets take care of this little problem and be done with it." Kevin said picking up the paddle.
Jen started wiggling as he brought the wood paddle down firmly on her already glowing cheeks.
"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Jen yelled as her poor cheeks started to feel the flames of heat from the paddling.
Two last whacks to her burning bottom cheeks and a few tears rolled down her cheeks..
"Okay , now let's test this switch out shall we?" Kevin asked.
"Kev, I'm sorryyyyyy." Jen cried.
"I'm sorry too, Jen that you care so little for your health or your need for sleep." Kevin said.
The first taste of the switch and Jen yelled out.
Kevin watched as a red stripe appeared on her lower cheeks.
"Owwww." She yelled as the switch burned a trail across her hot cheeks.
Jen's legs started to kick and she was openly crying now.
"I'll go to bed on time I promissssse." Jen cried as he laid two more strokes on her burning cheeks.
Kevin dropped the switch and pulled his crying wife into his arms.
"Okay baby, shhhhhh, it's okay." He said rocking her.
It wasn't the worse spanking she ever got, and she knew it. She hadn't stayed up but about a hour over every night, but she knew also Kevin was trying to keep her from falling back into bad habits.
Kevin rocked her till her tears slowed down. He kissed the tears from her eyes.
"I love you baby." He said .
"I love you to Kev." Jen said giving him a little smile.
"No more late nights young lady." He said sternly.
"Yes Kev." She said snuggling up to him.
Kevin smiled and stroked her hair.
"Kev?" She said.
"Mm huh?" He asked.
"I'm really horny as hell." She said giggling.
"You are huh." He said.
He flipped her over on her back and nudged her legs open and settled his self in between them.
He lowered his lips right next to her ear.
"Let's just see what we can do about that." He said.
Jen laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck thinking about how damn lucky she was and if they could play the game again next week.

My Vacation hasnt gone exactly as planned. The kids have been here all week, we done lots of stuff togather, but me and hubbys sex life is non existant. Spanking is out of the question. Not thats he is really into it, I think he basically does it to get me hot, no way is he a top.
I some times ponder on where ths submissive side of me comes from, cause I can be a real bitch other wise, I have this deep seated need for a man to control me, make me behave, take care of me, I guess I long ago stopped trying to figure it out and go with it, but my need arent met anyway, even if Hubby was up to the task, its hard to live a D/ life style with kids around. lets face it I can write better spankings and disipline than Ill ever get.
But I march on hoping someday I will have the kind of disipline relationship I need, maybe when Im old and grey and the kids are moved out,LOL
Heres a story I wrote for the spanking board I belong to wishing this would happen

It had been a long week. Even longer since Jen had a spanking and she was really itching for one.
The kids being out of school was really putting a crimp in her spanking activities.
She was becoming grumpy and cranky and she found herself pushing Kevin's buttons all week knowing there wasn't a darn thing he could do about it.

He could give her the look all he wanted but there no way he could spank her in a houseful of kids.
So her frustration had started a nasty cycle between them of her lashing out and acting like a brat and his hands were tied to end it the way he usually would by upending her for a good bare bottom spanking.

She walked into the living room and sat down with a sigh, Kevin had been working all day cleaning up their out building out behind the house. They used it to store years worth of junk and the kids old toys and clothes, she really needed to get rid of all that stuff, but she just couldn't bare to part with there baby clothes and toys, each item when she picked it up held a special memory and she would put the stuff back in boxes and put it back in its place.
"What's wrong Mom." Mr. 12 year old video game expert said looking away from his game for a moment.
"Nothing, just thinking, what are you playing?" She asked.
"Dad got me a new game." He said.
Jen shook her head the boy wouldn't move for three days or more with a new game to entertain him.
"Ya know Dad has been working out there in the building all week, I think he is making a room to escape all the noise around here." The boy said laughing.
"Maybe, speaking of the girls, are they out with your dad?" She asked.
"No he took the baby to Aunt Brenda's and Kelly is spending the night with Diedre." He said.
"Hmm that's strange, daddy didn't say anything to me about the girls going anywhere." Jen said.
"He took them while you were in the shower."
Mmmm might not be bad having the evening to herself, maybe get online do a little writing.
"Jen." She heard Kevin calling out.
She walked into the kitchen and there he was standing looking sexy as hell in no shirt and jeans. He was sweaty and looked like he had been working up a storm she wanted to jump his bones right there.
"Jen, I have a little surprise for you. I'm going to go shower, I want you to look at the out building, I been doing some work on it and see what you think." Kevin said.
Jen shrugged, the building was the last thing on her mind.
"I think I might go get online for a while since the girls are not here, catch on some writing and reading." Jen said heading for the spare room where her computer was.
"Little girl, I want you to go to the out building like I told you." Kev said in a low voice, the Voice, the one that sent shivers down her spine and made her tummy do flip flops.
"I'll be out shortly." Kevin said.
She pulled herself together and wondered what was up.
She heard Kevin in the living room talking to there son.
"Mom and I are going to finish up some work in the building, if anyone calls were busy." Kevin told him.
"Okay dad." She heard her son reply. She knew he wouldn't be moving from the video game for a long while.
She went out the back door and headed for the out building, it was really a nice building with two separate sides. The one side was carpeted and had air conditioning and heat, it would make a nice recreation room, but they had never got around to it, and they had so much stuff piled in it.
She walked up the steps and opened the door and gasped in surprise. Kevin had painted the walls and cleaned the carpet and moved all the boxes out, He had a nice big sofa on one side.
In one corner was a straight back chair. She was surprised to see all there spanking implements had been hung nicely on one wall easily in reach.
Jen swallowed hard, looks like Kevin was going to make sure he had a nice private place to spank her. She looked at the door and seen that a dead bolt had been installed to keep the kids from wandering out here.
Oh my she though in excitement. She was going to finally get the lovely spanking she had been wanting so badly.
She went and sank down on the sofa and grinned.
"Well I'm glad to see a smile on that pretty face."
Jen looked up and seen Kevin standing in the doorway.
"Oh Kev, this is great." She said running over to throw her arms around his neck and kiss him.
Kevin kissed her and pulled her close.
"I know you been missing getting spanked baby girl, I can see how on edge you've been, I had to do something." Kevin said.
"Well this is great." She said smiling.
Kevin turned and locked the door and pulled her over to the sofa and sat down then pulled her to his lap.
"Little girl, I know you been tense what with the kids here all the time and us not having any time together, but that doesn't excuse the way you been acting ." Kevin said.
Jen frown this didn't sound good, she was hoping for a nice stingy spanking, one that made all the right parts tingle and then maybe a little roll in the hay so to speak.
"Little girl, you been pushing my buttons for a while, and you been cussing at me, you threw the phone at me, just last night and sweetness, I intercepted the credit card bill, you are so in for it." He said sternly.
"Kev, I'm sorry I just been missing our time together and the credit card, well I just went and took the kids shopping to cheer my self up a little." She said trying to get out of what she knew was coming.
"We had an agreement about the credit card, emergency only and the cursing is non negotiable and the smart mouthing, you have been doing it on purpose trying to push me and you know it, as you well know you said a lot more than damn, you called me some pretty nasty names the other night, you knew you would be punished for it sooner or later, and later is here." Kevin said.
Jen looked down at her feet, knowing he was right, there was nothing she could say to defend her self. Deep down she wanted this, She knew that was the whole reason she had been pushing him, she felt safe in the boundaries they had both agreed on when they began this journey into spanking. She was the one that had went to him and told him she needed discipline spankings and it had turned their marriage around, she wanted and needed this.
"Jen stand up." He said.
Jen did as he said and he turned her toward him and began unbuttoning her shorts. He pulled them along with her panties down to her knees.
"There's a corner over there with your name on it." He said.
Jen spied the empty corner and stumbled over to it and buried her red face in it.
She stood as still as she could thinking about the awful things she had said to him this week and how bitchy she had been.
Kevin didn't let her stew long, he knew that would be cruel, she had waited long enough.
"Alright little girl, get your self over here." Kevin called to her.
Jen hobbled over trying her best to keep her shorts and panties from falling any lower.
Kev pulled her straight over his knee and the first slap sounded like gunfire.
"Oww." She yelled out.
Kevin wasted no time lighting a fame on her plump behind.
His hand rose and fell rapidly roasted her bottom and turning it red.
After a few minutes Jen's legs were kicking and she was whimpering with each smack.
Kevin looked at her red butt and decided the warm up was over.
"Go over to the wall and get the wood paddle." Kevin said.
She started over and Kevin told her to pull of her shorts and panties. She did so and laid them on the couch. She walked over and pulled the paddle off the wall and went back to him handing it to him.
He pulled her back over his knee and used the other to lock her legs in place to keep her from kicking to much and squirming off his lap.
"Jen, I am really hurt and disappointed about the way you talked to me the other night and after those words you used you're lucky there's no bathroom out here or you would be getting your mouth washed out with soap, hopefully the paddling you're about to get will remind you to keep those words out of your mouth." He said raising the paddle.
"OOOOOOOOOOOoWWWWWWW." Jen yelped as the paddle scorched her cheeks.
Kevin peppered her cheeks from top to bottom with hard swats.
Jen yelped with each swat sure her butt was shooting flames from the feel of it.
"I'm sorrrryyyyyyy." She cried as he began an assault on her sensitive lower cheeks.
"oooooooooooo plessssssssssssssssssssssssse stoppppppp." Jen begged as he popped away at her blazing red butt.
Jen started sobbing as he paddled away at her flaming cheeks.
Kevin finished up with five swats to each cheek and dropped the paddle to the side. He rubbed her back as she lay there sobbing.
After a few minutes the sobs subsided a bit and Kevin helped her up and led her back to the corner.
"Now you stand there for a few minutes and think about why you got this spanking little girl." He said,
She stood there crying , her butt blazing, but she felt relief , happiness and safe and most of all loved and cherished. She had behaved like a little beast this week, but Kev still loved her forgave her.
Kevin couldn't leave her there long and after three minutes swooped her up in his arms and carried her back to the sofa.
He wrapped her in his strong arms and kissed her cheek.
"I know its hard not having a lot of time together, Its hard on me too, but I do the best I can sweetie." He said hugging her tight.
"I know Kev, I'm so sorry I acted the way I did and said the things I did, I love you so much." She said.
"I love you too." He said kissing her gently.
"Jen for the next week, after the little ones are in bed, I want you to come out here, you'll be getting a bedtime spanking as a little reminder ." He said tilting her head up to look in her eyes.
"Yes Kev." She said.
"Kev you wont use the paddle will you." She asked wincing at the fire the thing lit on her bottom.
"You'll get my hand and ten with the paddle for a week young lady." He said.
"Oh." She said looking down.
Ten wasn't so bad she thought, but when she felt the burning in her bottom she wasn't so sure.
"Though they wont be as hard as they was today, and by the end of the week, maybe more like love taps." He said smiling at her worried face.
Jen hugged him tight, wondering how she got so lucky to find this man.
"Now what do you say we go challenge Jr on that new game of his, I'm pretty good if I do say so myself, think you can beat me?" He asked.
Jen laughed.
"I think Jr. Will wipe the floor of both of us." She said smiling.
"Your probably right, now get those panties and shorts back on little miss." He said sitting back watching her.
She pulled her clothes on wincing as hey slid over her red bottom.
"Can I at least have a pillow to sit on?" She asked pouting.
He pretended to mull it over thoughtfully.
"Well now I guess that would be fine, but I expect you to show proper gratitude later on tonight." He said grinning.
"Duly noted Sir." She said giving him a little salute.
Kevin jumped up and hugged her tight.
"By the way, I love what you've done with the building, I guess I'll call it the spanking room." She said giggling.
"Spanking room is about right and It will be getting plenty of use I'm sure." He said as he led her out and locked the door.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

I have been spanked and fucked so much in the last 18 hours it a wonder I can sit, Not complaining thiough, I needed it. The spanking with the belt was great and then four or 5 hand spankings. My butt is so sore I cnat hardly was yummy. Hubby took my ass to though thats not my favorite thing to do, it makes him hot as hell.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Had a good time last night after i finally got the man woke up a nice long spanking and a blow job for him, a good one,LOL.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Thoght I would post some pics of the good times, thats all he seems to care about and the good times are far and few between now.

I havent wrote lately cause there is nothing to write to many kids, and he feels to bad to give me what I need and crave. He uses spanking to get what he wnats from me, its like I'll spank you, you fuck me. I give up, he is never going to be what I need, on the up side though I can live with cause I love him.
But Im very frustarated with him and the whole situation. I need to be disiplined and he is not capable of that he holds me accuontable for nothing, he lets me get away with anything, he just not a top and I guess I have to accept that. The only relief I get is from the storys I write for the board, the girls ask me how I come up with such great storys, its easy, its the way I wish things were for me, its a damn shame I can write a better spanking than i can get,LOL.
Him asking me if I want a few whacks before I go to sleep is not what Im looking for and then he acts like he is not into it, like im bothering him or something, then the other 90 percent of the time I have to beg for it, Im just to tired to try anymore, i give up.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I had a pretty good day monday, I wasnt feeling to good, after the week from hell at work, but Hubby gave me a nice long spanking with every impliment we have which was yummy and got me in the mood...had a very nice time, next week I wnnat to go all out and maybe have a rollplay. Anyway monday night he gave me a GG spanking before I went to bed,put me right to sleep.